d e s i g n s

Our floral style is nature-inspired, loose, raw and simple. 

Floral  d e s i g n  by Kristina Steunenberg

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Based out of Belleville, ON, Minim Designs specializes in nature-inspired and intentionally-made designs for weddings, events, workshops, freelance and editorials. Kristina considers her work to be an ephemeral form of art that has a rawness and simplicity that reflects the nature and seasons around us. English-style gardens are a big source of inspiration for her loose and creative designs. She believes that flowers bring a warm and inviting element to events and spaces and is passionate about creating custom designs for each client.


Always in pursuit of living ethically, sustainably and simply, Kristina is passionate about sourcing quality local and seasonal products and strives to style her home, self and flowers with intentional or repurposed goods.