Iannone Photography

Minim Designs 

by Kristina Steunenberg

Minim Designs is based out of Penticton and specializes in intentional, nature-inspired designs for weddings, events, and workshops throughout the Okanagan.


Flowers are Kristina's art medium and with them she strives to mimic the unassuming and artistic beauty of nature and the seasons. Drawn to the wildness of local grasses and weeds, you will always find unconventional elements in her loose and thoughtful designs.


Always inspired by and in respect of the environment, Kristina is passionate about making her life and business environmentally responsible too. 

Kristina aims to source the majority of her flowers+plants from local farmers and garden shops to avoid using product that comes heavily packaged and transported far distances. A budding gardener, eventually she'd like to grow many of her own flowers! 


With low waste as the goal, Kristina works towards eliminating the use of plastic and other products that end up in the garbage. She does not use floral foam or dyed/bleached products as they are not good for the health of the environment. 

Photo by Iannone Photography

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