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DIY Foraged Urn

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

An easy, nature-inspired and impactful option for your wedding décor. Any time of year provides lovely local items that lend themselves to fun, dimensional and lovely arrangements. The arrangement made in this shoot was done during June in the Okanagan, BC. Tip – a smaller vase using similar ingredients and grouping techniques would make a lush mixed greenery centerpiece.

Materials needed:

–       an urn

–       a bucket that fits inside the urn (if your urn is not waterproof)

–       chicken wire

–       big shears

–       clippers

–       tree/shrub branches


1. Find shrubs, trees, tall grasses, vines, etc. and cut long pieces. Please don’t cut anything from other people’s properties unless you have permission.

2. Choose 2 or more different types of foliage, looking for different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. If you can find branches with blooms or berries – bonus!

3. Put your foraged branches in a bucket of water and leave them in a shady spot.

4. Place bucket in urn and create a ball of chicken wire to place snugly in the bucket. Cover top with a layer of chicken wire – secure it down. Be careful here, chicken wire can be sharp!

5. Fill bucket with water.

6. Add your branches, start by creating your initial shape – I always aim for asymmetry in which one side might be higher or wider and the other lower or thinner.

7. Add foliage until you have your desired shape and you can no longer see chicken wire.

Extra Tips:

–       In advance, take small pieces of the branches you think might work and see how long they last in a vase of water. Don’t use any types of foliage that wilt right away.

–       Be aware of what is growing in the areas you are cutting from. Be careful of plants like poison ivy or wild parsnip.

–       Group the types of greenery in your arrangement. It tends to look more natural that way.

–       Take the leaves off the part of the branch that will be in water.


Photography: Boketto Photography | Clothing: Man Woman Home

This shoot was featured on Dote Magazine Fall 2017, see here.

Behind the scenes iphone photos:


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