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Studio transformation

This studio space has been a long time coming! I started Minim Designs 5 years ago in our little rental house kitchen. I've worked mainly in an air conditioned spare room, with a bed in the way. I've also worked in a scary basement, unfinished garage, outdoors - we always made it work somehow because it was my dream and you have to start somewhere!

When we started looking for a home to purchase, we wanted to make sure there was potential for Minim Designs to have a separate space, where flower bits wouldn't get trailed into every room of the house.

We moved into our new home and property in March 2020 and started work on the unfinished mouse shed, out back. We hired a contractor for the project and he did a great job. Covid slowed us down by almost a year but it all worked out just fine. We extended the building by a few feet to add space for a very insulated room that would become the flower cooler. We put lots of windows in to add natural light. I love the large window on the north side which overlooks the flower garden.

We had lots of help - shout out to Maria Nordlund Design for her help consulting about the cupboard layout, plywood door fronts and terrazzo counter top. Also, special shout out to my dad who lead me through making and installing the door fronts and toe kicks. We used Ikea boxes and copied an ikea door before making all the plywood ones. The biggest shout out goes to my husband, Simon, for always believing in my business, for the endless hours he's puts into researching, painting the walls, moving heavy things, digging drain lines... I could go on. He is the business sounding board, consultant, part time delivery man, logical problem solver, helper of all kinds. I'm so grateful!

This space has helped my business run in a more organized and efficient way. I sleep way better at night leading up to weddings because I know my flowers are safely tucked away in the flower cooler (AC unit with cool bot). I also just feel the creative juices flowing when I step into this space. I'm so very thankful for this lil studio of mine and this steady business that I've worked so hard for. I couldn't do what I love with out the support of amazing clients, vendors, local businesses, friends and family, so thank YOU too!


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